Inspiration Under the Cap

While opening a fortune cookie that a friend had customized at his company my fortune read "You create your own fortune". My comment was, "that is it"? His story was much more impactful when he said years back he finished a training run and the only food to eat was a bag of fortune cookies. The first cookie he opened did not have a fortune and he really needed some motivation at that point. So he created his own message by saying from that day forward he vowed to always "create his own fortune each day".

That gave me an idea to want to put a special message under our larger tins and tubs. As a kid there was a sign that hung in my room with the central message of Live Life.

Under the Live Life heading I have listed out a few special thoughts and messages that motivate me. Maybe one of these "fortunes" might inspire you? So in place of a fortune cookie you might just find one of two images under the covers of our products... 


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