Product Usage


.50 Oz. Large Tubes – This unique applicator can be used to apply the perfect layer as a lip balm or to directly put product on your arms, legs, and more without dipping a finger into a tub or a tin.

2 Oz. Tin – This container is our original screw top home for Mind Flight formulas. Just unscrew the top, let your finger sit on the product and watch your body heat melt right through the formula. Then take a small amount of product and apply to where you need relief. If your skin is too shiny after application, you have put on too much. Gently apply and rub in.


Lavender Fields – For minor wound, eczema and lip care. This is your immediate first aid for lips, skin, blisters, scrapes, cuts, burns and much more. If you use any ointment or cream products to alleviate pain, itching, scaring, and protect minor scrapes and cuts you should use Lavender Fields, it is ALL natural. This is the product that every pharmacy should stock for immediate first aid needs. Rub on and let melt in.

Polar Breeze – Do you like peppermint and menthol? Then Polar Breeze is for you! Some people use Polar Breeze on their temples and wrists to relieve tension and stress. Others inhale a bit to open their sinuses, or to reduce aches, pain, cramps, and sprains, and serve as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product. Also, Polar Breeze is our pain-relieving product with arnica and comfrey root to help reduce muscle and joint pain, bruising, and inflammation. External use only. If you use ANY pain relief gel, spray or topical, Polar Breeze is for you. If you like that Icy or that hot feeling, or want to have a balm to run like a tiger and a bio freezer to push your limits. Rub on and let melt in.

Lightning Jolt – For those who like using immune system support products... If you like to feel "Air Borne" or want to boost your defenses against what could come at you in the classroom, boardroom or any room for that matter, you should try Lightning Jolt. Packed with both echinacea leaf and root along with elderberry flower, juniper berry, ginger and grapefruit essential oils, Lightning Jolt will help boost your immunity, battle colds, inflammation, fatigue, motion sickness and nausea too. Rub on and let melt in.


Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to prevent, cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. Always talk to your doctor before using any product like this.