Healing with Herbs

Mind Flight products can be used daily to support your skin care needs in all four seasons. You choose the product; we help keep your senses sharp and skin in best repair. Just inhaling our unique herbal blends might leave you satisfied enough to push harder and further throughout your day.

SHOULD YOU HEAL WITH HERBS? People have practiced the art of healing with herbs for a very long time. Today if you get cut or need a fix to a minor health problem, you go down the block to a drug store and buy a product. But, what are the ingredients in some of these products? Can you actually pronounce the names of those ingredients? Before the days of drug stores on every corner, apothecary herbalists and botanists harvested roots, berries, seeds, leaves, bark and flowers to make combination needed to soothe an irritation, heal a wound or cure an ailment. Mind Flight aims to bring back some of this lost art.

THE LOST ART OF NATURAL REMEDIES Herbal treatments remain a primary part of health care for over 80 percent of people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Whether you’re getting herbal supplements from your local organic retailer, ordering salves and balms from Instagram or growing and grinding your own plants for making herbal solutions, you've discovered that the benefits and remedies from nature aren’t that new. 

STEEPED IN TRADITION - SALVES AND BALMS Mind Flight herbal salves and balms infuse botanicals and essential oils with liquefied fractionated coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter. The final product is a solid at room temperature. Some of our salves may contain finely ground or pulverized components of the herbs themselves. So if you see some finely ground material at the bottom of our tins and tubes these are just natural ingredients that make it through our filtering process, hey it happens…

SKIN ABSORPTION OF MIND FLIGHT HERBAL PRODUCTS Your skin is absorbent, but it is selectively absorbent, meaning it is not letting just anything through its layers and into your bloodstream. Because the main ingredients forming herbal salves are solid at room temperature, these soothing remedies sit on the skin and are slowly absorbed through the skin’s layers.

FIRST STOP FOR MINOR FIRST AID Like you, we are concerned about chemicals and preservatives commonly found in drug store skin-care products. Hey, there are times you need what is in the drug store and when you need those products go talk to your doctor and then go get those products. But if you do not need products with extra ingredients you cannot pronounce, give herbal salves and balms a try. If you are active and always getting cuts, scrapes and bruises, salves and balms are your go to option when you need to nourish your skin.


Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to prevent, cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. Always talk to your doctor before using any product like this.