About Us

Mind Flight is a New York based wellness company that formulates and handcrafts small batch, natural body and skin care products. The company was founded in the Summer of 2019.

Mind Flight offers three products to improve your skin and well being throughout your day. Each of these products are free of parabens, gluten, dairy, preservatives and harmful manufactured chemicals.

These products serve as first aid for your lips, skin, scars, blisters, scrapes, cuts, burns, bruises, work and weather worn hands, feet and much more. Packed with botanicals and essential oils you will also find that these products can soothe, invigorate, awaken, and repair.

The base of all our products simply consist of Shea Butter, Beeswax and Fractionated Coconut oil. Then we craft a blend of aromatic plant compounds and essential oils into our buttery base to create our distinctly unique products.

Our ingredients are sourced from nutrient dense regions around the world through great suppliers like Mountain Rose Herbs of Eugene, Oregon, a sustainable, fair trade provider of USDA Certified Organic herbs and botanicals. 

And... We use exactly what we sell. All of our products are used daily by us, our families, and friends so you can always count on our products including the best ingredients available and an eye on quality all of the time.  Thank you for trying our products, Mort Greenberg / LinkedIn 



If you are into the details like we are, below is a view into how we produce Mind Flight products. We of course think our formulas, processes and testing make for the BEST savles and balms, maybe you will too. 


First, the ingredients going into the products are as important as the final product. We have tried out many vendors and botanical collectives, but chose only a selected few that put us at ease on many levels. 

Second, we spent months working to come up with just the right combinations of ingredients. Part of getting the combinations right was our base of 20+ testers who gave us feedback. Thank you testers! 


CROSS FITTERS // We had a pack of in your face CrossFit types who were always fixing torn skin and blisters, and at same time using the products to smooth their cheeks and lips after class. For them we had to make sure the products smelled great. Maybe they should clean up that locker room? We will get this group on video soon, you will see what I mean... 

OFFICE WORKERS // We had a group of office types that only buy the "best products" with the "best ingredients" and wanted to make sure we knew about Burt's Bees (Seriously?) For them we had to make sure the product was not greasy. Thank you fancy office people. 

MOMS // We had a group of moms whose kids get into every kind of trouble and opted for Mind Flight products over typical pharmacy bought brands. We were told our products worked better and faster than other options. Forget the good smelling botanicals, it could just be the base of beeswax, shea butter and tea tree oil doing the heavy work. Thank you moms, we all need you. 

ARTHRITIS // We had a few people who needed the containers to easily open and easily push product out due to arthritis. This is where the idea for the .5 oz tube came from since scooping product from the tin was not as easy as just turning the dial for product to come out. 

WEEKEND WARRIORS // We had a group of weekend warriors, you know, sort of uptight, no sleep, all work, but run ultra marathons, do 500 push ups at a time, climb mountains, push their motorcycles hard, but spend big on great all natural solutions. These people beat their bodies up and want every edge and advantage they can get to recover quickly. So for them we had to make sure we packed our products with the most concentrated amounts of herbs and essential oils. 


So with the right vendors, scents, base consistency, healing properties, containers and concentrations of ingredients we do the following to bring these great products to life:

1) The herbs are blended together and pulverized to open up the leaves and roots. We want to make it easy for the oils and goodness to get out.

2) The fractionated coconut oil is heated up to just below a boil in a custom fitted double boiler system. 

3) The finely ground herbs are mixed with the oil for an infusion process that lasts a few hours.

4) We then bring together the right amounts of beeswax and shea butter to melt down to a liquid base that on its own smells great and has its own healing power.

5) The meeting of the batches happens when the infused oil is mixed with the liquid base. The base can harden quickly so we move fast, but purposefully. 

6) With the core ingredients mixed together we then add the right essential oils as the third step to make the final product that will be used by you. 

7)  With only a few minutes before the beeswax takes a solid form we then pour into 2 oz tins, .1 oz dome top tubs, 5 oz tubes and .15 oz lip balm tubes. Then we label, and ship.

So there you have it, a little more "About Us".