Our Story

Mind Flight is formulating products with all natural ingredients that can help people heal, and at the same time we want to also support employment for people with Autism. 

As a kid my family would use various homeopathic remedies. The best natural remedy was my parents just yelling at me to go lay down and sleep, and it worked much of the time. But other times it would involve baking soda, garlic, oranges, ice and and different types of lotions. Over the years I have always wondered how to make my own lotions, salves and balms.  

Additionally in an effort to support people with Autism find jobs we have partnered with Invictus Enterprises. Invictus creates jobs for people with Autism and for the past three years has been running programs making a variety of products in their commercial kitchens. 

As they look to expand, Invictus has created an incubator program for companies that have safe processes for easy to make products.

Mind Flight has been chosen as the first company to join their incubator program and utilize their Brooklyn, NY based kitchens and workspaces. 

Together we will develop a new line of products that meet the requirements set by Invictus and plan to roll this out in the middle of 2020. To learn more about Invictus check out https://www.weareinvictus.org/our-story